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Reach & visibility

How to efficiently increase traffic for your online shop

Your way to more reach and visibility for your products

As an online shop owner, you are constantly faced with the challenge of bringing visitors to your website in order to generate traffic and conversions. We offer you efficient ways to highlight your products, increase your brand awareness and stand out from your competition with our traffic boosting solutions.
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Step 1

Who are our solutions for increasing traffic suitable for?

As a basic requirement, you should, of course, have an online shop through which you offer products in at least one country in the DACH region, in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, Portugal, Italy or France. In order for you to benefit from our traffic mix in the best possible way, your shop must have a low loading time and be accessible on every device (responsive). For the integration of your product data, we need a well-prepared data feed from you that contains all relevant information about your products. In the next step, we offer you the right placement for each product range. In order for us to be able to support you in the best possible way when optimising your campaigns, you should integrate our conversion tracking for the placement in our commerce network.

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Step 2

How does your user benefit from affiliate programmes?

A product listing in our network or the provision of your products via Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) not only allows you to increase your page views or to advertise your products, but also to generate targeted added value for your users. Given that by doing so, your products are found via several touchpoints in the customer journey. In addition, you diversify your online marketing strategy by tapping into new traffic sources that stand out for their user-friendliness and our personalised service.

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Step 3

What are the strategies for more visibility?

Our solutions offer you the opportunity to easily and quickly generate more traffic – either through a product listing in our network or through a product placement in the Google-Shopping-Ads results. The advantage of participating in the Google CSS is the hassle-free placement at the top of the search engine. You benefit from a product listing in that your products are displayed both on our product search engines and on the high-reach websites of our publisher partners. If you combine both strategies, you will benefit from an even more significant increase in reach and sales, as well as exclusive advantages. Optionally, your products can be displayed via our publishers in the DACH region, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, Portugal, Italy and France, as well as via the Google Comparison Shopping Service in over 30 other countries.

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Step 4

How do I increase the traffic in my online shop in a targeted way?

Affiliate marketing programmes can help you generate potential buyer contacts for your online shop. In practice, potential buyers are redirected to your online shop via an advertising medium that is integrated on the page of a suitable publisher. Payment is then made by CPO or CPC – depending on the commission model. As a network, we act as an intermediary between advertiser (online shop) and publisher and support you with feed checks, conversion tracking, strategic advice for the optimisation of marketing activities, and with technical know-how. By working with our network, you can increase your online shop traffic in a targeted and uncomplicated way.

Three reasons for using affiliate marketing

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Generate direct traffic growth

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Benefit from straightforward integration

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Tap into additional revenue streams

Your advantages through our advertising network

New customer rate
New customer rate
With our solutions for increasing traffic, you increase your new customer rate and help your products achieve more visibility. In the long term, you will increase your brand awareness and create new channels and additional revenue streams.
Through our individual service, we always enable you to find the optimal and suitable solution for your traffic increase. With us, you benefit from high-quality traffic far away from the standard placements.
Our partner portal gives you access to granular reporting, in order to keep an eye on your campaigns' success. Our team is at your side with individual support when it comes to continuous optimisation or questions about your performance data.

What are the requirements your shop needs to fulfill?

Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)
Product listing in the commerce network (PSM)
A range that comprises at least 100 products
Available budget of at least 1.00 EUR per month
Feed according to our feed specifications (PSM) or Google specifications (CSS)
Optional for international campaigns: Feed in local language and local currency
Shipping options to Germany (+ for internationalisation to the respective country)
Merchant Center Account and Google Ads Account already existing or created with us
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Our promise

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Diverse traffic mix in several countries
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Higher reach and attractive additional revenues
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Fair and transparent pricing model
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Uncomplicated integration

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