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Additional revenue & user added value

How to increase your sales through personalised product recommendations

Influence the buying behaviour of your users positively through the smart expansion of your product range

Offering a special online shopping experience has become one of the most important requirements that customers place on an online shop. With our solutions for personalised product recommendations, e.g. within online shops or product comparison sites, you can easily expand your product range, meet the product-specific preferences of your customers and generate targeted additional sales with your traffic.
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Step 1

For whom are our range expansion solutions suitable?

Our product recommendation and range extension solutions are aimed at all publishers who operate an online shop, an online marketplace, a consumer portal or a product search engine. They are, therefore, suitable for anyone looking for additional sales increases and optimisation of the user experience. This way, your users will always be able to find the right product, even if you don't have it in your range. Depending on your individual requirements, there are different ways to integrate the product data.

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Step 2

How do automated product suggestions provide added value for your users?

In order for your customers to be optimally supported in their purchasing decisions and to receive tailored product suggestions, the automated display of products is essential. Our smart technology recomAD Data gives you access to copious product data from a wide range of assortments, from fashion to technology. By doing so, you can display products at any time, exactly where your users are looking for them. Integration is managed without any fuss either via an API interface or via FTP server. With recomAD Search, you can monetise your bounce rate by simply integrating the widget into your search. Based on a contextual search recognition, it produces automated product suggestions with which you offer added value for your users and, at the same time, expand your product range in an uncomplicated way.

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Step 3

Which product recommendation strategies make sense?

The first step always depends on the objective of your website or the various landing pages. Based on them, you look for the right solution for product recommendations in the right context. Depending on the objective, the first step is to consider which solutions should be used for product recommendations. When it comes to providing users with a supplementary product selection, for example, to ensure customer satisfaction in the case of zero-hit searches, our solution with the integration of the recomAD Search Widget is suitable. However, if your goal is to integrate a wide range of product data to monetise your traffic efficiently, you should consider expanding your product portfolio with our technology from recomAD Data. No matter which solution you choose, you will always have a large selection of product data from renowned advertisers at your disposal.

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Step 4

What do you have to consider when displaying product recommendations?

One requirement that is particularly important when integrating product recommendations is to collect some data about the users of your website. You have to find out what your users are interested in, what their preferences are and how they move around on your website, in order to make the product suggestions as added value in the right place. To integrate the recomAD Search Widget on your website, you only need to include a Java Script Code that we have created for you on your website. You can easily obtain the product data from recomAD Data via API interface or FTP server and integrate it on your website using tracking URLs.

Three reasons for using personalised product recommendations

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Get the product data tailored to your needs

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Increase in turnover through added value for your users

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Achieve attractive additional revenues without much effort

Your advantages through our advertising network

Individual setup
Wide product portfolio
Smart technology
Individual setup
Tailored to your resources, we offer you the possibility to respond individually to your requirements. recomAD Data allows you to flexibly access data as you need it, while with recomAD Search, we provide you with a visually prepared solution through the widget. Thanks to our personal support, we will find the best solution for you with an individual setup and prepare the product data for you in the way that you can best use it.
Wide product portfolio
You know your users best and decide yourself which product data we are allowed to provide you with. Whether for fashion, home and living, technology or lifestyle products: You choose from our diverse advertiser network with several million products as to what best suits your content.
Smart technology
Native integration and the flexible data referencing of our solutions allow you to connect your content commerce in the way that is least disruptive to your users. In this way, you create added value and benefit from direct sales increases at the same time.

Find the right solution for your monetisation

recomAD Search
recomAD Data
For online shops, marketplaces or websites with product search
Extend your product search with a widget
Integration of a visual widget via Java-Script code
Creation of a native widget with customisation options
Independent and free integration of product data
Monetisation of the bounce rate of your online shop or marketplace
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Our promise

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