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recomAD Search

Increase your customer satisfaction

Monetise your bounce rate

With the recomAD Search widget, you expand your product portfolio, increase your merchandise competence and improve customer loyalty.
Visualisation of the integration of products via recomAD Search using the example of a chest of drawers

Step 1

Smart product presentation

The recomAD Search widget automatically finds suitable results for your customers’ searches.

Visualisation of further products via recomAD Search using the example of a chest of drawers

Step 2

Supplementary product selection

Make sure your users are guaranteed to find the right product for them.

Visualisation of a data dashboard for traffic and sales increase with recomAD Search

Step 3

Efficient use of traffic

You offer your customers added value and earn money with every click

»"For many years, shopping24 has been an important partner through which we can offer our users a variety of relevant offers on our comparison platform. The cooperation is characterised by uncomplicated integration and transparent reporting. Together with the shopping widget, shopping24 delivers real added value for our users."«

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Your benefits

Icon for monetising the bounce rate with shopping basket

Reduce your bounce rate

Increase customer satisfaction using tailor-made product offers.

Euro icon for the visualisation of the additional revenue

Additional revenue

The tailor-made product recommendations are attractively remunerated using the CPC model.

Brain icon for visualisation of smart search

Smart searches

Automatic detection of generic and transactional queries with appropriate display.

Puzzle piece icon to visualise native integration

Native integration

The widget is easy and customisable so it fits with the context of your website.

Integrate recomAD Search without any technical effort and in a way that is fully data protection-compliant using a HTML snippet. There is also an option for Adblock-safe display.
Our configuration tool in the backend allows you to create your own widgets and configure them to suit you. Optimise widget performance by using A/B testing.
Our recomAD dashboard allows you to see all the useful statistics at a glance, analyse your campaigns and identify optimisation opportunities. If required, we will support you with our expertise.

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