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Use the documentation to gain access to our widget and the API. With the widget, you can market your traffic efficiently by displaying the right ads for your search queries. The API enables you to query large quantities of product data quickly and reliably, in order to create your own marketing opportunities.


Here you will find all the information on the widget listed.

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Here you will find the API documentation listed.

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Tech Blog

Maximilian Pohlmann

STAREAST Virtual Conference

The STAREAST Virtual Conference is a conference which you can watch from your home or work desk. You can watch some keynotesRead more

Konferenz STAREAST Virtual Conference Unterwegs

Maximilian Pohlmann

Taming PostgreSQL autovacuum

We’re at shopping24 are big fans of PostgreSQL as it leverages the latest SQL specifications in conjunction with great operability,Read more

PostgreSQL SQL

Maximilian Pohlmann

Codetalks commerce special in Berlin

Das Code.Talks commerce special ist ein Ableger der Hamburger Code Talks. Konsequent findet sie auch in einem Kino statt – nur haltRead more

Codetalks Konferenz Unterwegs

Maximilian Pohlmann

TLS mit Let’s Encrypt: Angst, Faulheit und ein schlechter Ruf

Im November 2016 hatte ich die Möglichkeit, unsere Erfahrungen mit dem Tuning von SSL/TLS-Verbindungen und den Einsatz von Let’s Encrypt-ZertifikatenRead more

Maximilian Pohlmann

Laracon EU 2016 Amsterdam

shopping24 on the Laracon EU 2016. These are our experiences and thoughts about this great conference in Amsterdam. Because weRead more

Maximilian Pohlmann

Monitorama 2016

Monitorama. What would expect there to happen? A bunch of bearded nerds talking about their “killer monitoring tools”. That didRead more

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